who? there are a bunch of us, but mostly it is just me.

what? bankon.me is a webpage. bankonmeOS is an operating system. bankonme is a multiwallet environment and blockchain application designed for X. bank2bank is a cryptocurrency exchange. cryptobotAI is a source code repository. cryptobotML is a virtual machine learning investment robot.

when? the next release will be out when ready.

where? currently located in Canada

why? because we can.

license? open source or go away.

how can your webpage be so ugly? it looks great from the terminal command line or if you use the lynx browser with a green or orange screen.

are you serious? yes, except when I am not.

is this project skunkworks? this project is just beginning to realize the original goal of having a cryptocurrency banking system that regular people can use to exchange value.

is the bankon.me project for sale? yes. For $650000.00 USD I will walk away from the bankon.me, bankonme and bankonmeOS projects giving you and your team one terabyte of source code. purchase of bank2bank, cryptobotML and cryptobotAI are separate entities not included in stated price.

do you have a business plan? so long as I retain ownership of bankon.me, bankonme and bankonmeOS fifty one percent of all net revenue is allocated to funding the open source projects and / or open source bounties that continue to make bankon.me, bankonme and bankonmeOS possible. the cryptobotML robot speaks for itself.