Welcome to the bankonmeOS operating system project WebQuarters. bankonmeOS Developer edition install script to be released soon. Work with Ubuntu 16.04LTS Mate continues. Debian 6,7 and 8 are still being explored. Install lessons have emerged from the team at Kali Linux and further advances in privacy from the team at TAILS. Recent advancements in virtualization are very exciting. Also interesting is the inclusion of the bash scripting environment on Windows 10. At this time the bankonmeOS is a non-interactive bash install script that satisfies dependencies then builds Bitcoin-Core, Litecoin-Core, Dashcoin-Core and Namecoin-Core as source code. It is fair to say that the development install script can be described as useful to Debian variants.  Testing will continue as the install script is improved.

To date testing of released bash script installer has been isolated to Ubuntu 16.04LTS.

bankonmeOS.Ubuntu16.04LTSmate install script is codenamed “Aristotle” and will be found in the repository